De Rauw-Sablon , Marcel Aelbrecht


De Rauw Sablon - Marcel Aelbrecht Pigeons

Best friends, Aelbrecht and Sablon have traded pigeons to create the most famous and successful family of pigeons in the sport. These pristine genes originate from the legendary Dream Couple, Albert and Paola. The blood from the Dream Couple combined with the powerful Aelbrecht super breeders (most bred by Sablon) caused this family to explode with endless top National wins and National Ace pigeon results. No family of pigeons in the history of the sport have achieved what descendants of the Sablon Aelbrecht pigeons have already achieved. The most incredible and unbelievable realization is that the domination has only just begun. History is being written now so do not be late adding a few of the best Sablon Aelbrecht pigeons to your pigeon arsenal. This family is so very pre-potent that they will continue to rule the sport for many generations to come.
The Sablon Aelbrecht family dominates from 250 to 500 miles with endless endurance and a will to fly alone and stay in the front. These Sablon Aelbrecht pigeons have the speed to pull away from the other racing pigeons while competing without fatigue.
Piet De Weerd once said: "Only a few families can rule the Nationals, and these are the very best". Seems like Piet was speaking of the Sablon pigeons!

Let us look Marcel Aelbrecht's and Frans Sablon's most important pigeons. The Dream Couple named Albert and Paola have some very famous sons like Limoges (Grandsire to Dromer), Frans, (champion breeder for Vandenheede) and the most famous and highly successful of them all was the 'Super Breeder 548' owned by Marcel Aelbrecht. The National champions and National Ace pigeons bred down from the 'Super Breeder 548' is off the charts remarkable. 'Super Breeder 548' was blended with the blood of 'The Marseille' and 'The Crack' to create the most successful family of middle and long distance pigeons in our sport. De Rauw Sablon won 2nd National Ace Long Distance Pigeon with 'Fondman' a direct son to the Dream Couple. De Rauw Sablon also won Ace Long Distance Loft of Belgium. These results do not compare to the results posted by Marcel Aelbrecht and others with this family of pigeons.
A few of the Aelbrecht results:General Champion of Belgium KBDB 20061st National Champion 'Long Distance' KBDB 2006General Champion of Belgium KBDB 20051st National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2003
True greatness in the family was achieved when the birds from Aelbrecht (down from 'The Marseille' and 'The Crack' which were bred from Sablon pigeons) were blended with descendants of 'Super Breeder 548' the son of the Dream Couple. The Aelbrecht and Sablon pigeons are one family. Pigeons were passed back and forth between best friends Sablon and Aelbrecht. A cock called 'Young Marseille' bred from 'The Marseille' when he was mated to 'Fine Blue', a daughter of 'Super Breeder 548' sold at Sablon's final sale in January 2009 for 54,000 euro. The 'Young Marseille' was the highest priced pigeon in the sale and it was bred by Aelbrecht. The highest priced hen in the Sablon sellout was also bred by Aelbrecht. Both contained the rich blood of the Dream Couple mixed with the Aelbrecht pigeons which originated from Sablon. By studying the pedigrees it is very easy to see Sablon/Aelbrecht are one family of pigeons. The most important pigeons in the family originate from the Dream Couple but the most crucial come down through the genes of 'Limoges' and 'Super Breeder 548'. Several other sons and daughters of the Dream Couple can be found though out the pedigrees in the family but the most famous always contain 'Limoges' and or 'Super Breeder 548'.
All the champion breeders down from the Dream Couple at Aelbrecht's come down from the legendary son of the Dream Couple, 'Super Breeder 548'. The 548 cock bred champion breeders at Aelbrechts with two hens, a granddaughter to the Dream Couple and a daughter to 'The Crack'. 'The Crack' is rumored to be down from the sister of Albert the cock of the Dream Couple. Aelbrecht also blended in a couple daughters to Limoges and a little blood of 'Dromer'. 'Dromer' and his super brothers were all bred from 'Limoges' daughter mated to 'Freddy'. One of the most amazing aspects of the family is that they remain dominant generation after generation. They also win under all systems young and old. Most recently they have been dominating the biggest most competitive one loft races on the planet. The blood of the Dream Couple with only a few entered in one loft competitions, continues to rise above the other pigeons with top performances worldwide.
The daughter of 548 known as 'Fine Blue' has to be the most important hen in the family of the Dream Couple. 'Fine Blue' hit with 'The Marseille' for legendary superstars right out through National Ace Long Distance pigeons of Belgium.