Scherens Vangramberen - hen

The performances can be seen!

The color of course says nothing about quality. Now success messages by enthusiastic breeders from many countries to arrive, the 2nd place at the FCI flight in Hungary is only secondary. Sensation the message of the Polish breeder Robert Henkel, which einkorbte a tiger check to Barcelona and noted him as first dove in Poland 2011 of Barcelona. Currently, Louis reached a success message from Poland. Breeder Zbignieuw Boguski from Szcytno (region of Masuria) WINS on 8 June 2013 against 2,680 pigeons (520 km) the first bankruptcy. The "Tiger Pinto" very well when the local mayor Waldemar Trochhimiuk fly.
It is clear that the "Tiger"Pinto henceforth success story.

60.00 €