Breeding Season 2023

Pairs for 2023

Breeding pairs for season 2021

Pair no. 1 

De Rauw Sablon ( 1st Tramore, 5th Pilmore Beach-ECF) x phenomenal hen DV racer and breed allready few winners import this year after fancier pass away

Pair no. 2

Scherens Vangramberen x Ihu hen gift from friend flu Scotland in long distance club number of times 

Pair no. 3

Hercules (1st club, 1st ECF , 1st South section, 29th National Sennen cove 2017), father to - 4th Talbenny Open (Golden Ring), his full brother breed 2023 3th open golden ring Talbenny and 3th open Penzance 2023 x super hen Leo heremans De Rauw Sablon daughter my Sablon 1st Tramore , 5th Pilmore beach race only twice in his life with 2 cards moved to stock

Pair No. 4

Father oryg hundstein his father is full brother Mallorca Queen Dv 09614-19-614 2th AS Mallorca Derby 2019 (Hansi Dekkers / leksha) mother section winner Poland 2016 x DeRauw Sablon der domer blood lines race by my self full land program injure moved to stock