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On December 1, 2015, our friend Louis Vangramberen, aged 68, suddenly and unexpectedly died for everyone. We will never forget him and preserve his memory.

Louis Vangramberen

He was perhaps the most famous Belgian auctioneer and journalist in the field of pigeon sports. It's about Louis Vangramberen. His name is synonymous with first-class pigeons - produced in Belgium for decades.

During the years of glory of the Belgian pigeon sport, he auctioned pigeons from the most famous manufacturers, such as Verstraete, Engels, Thone, Imbrecht, Dr. Peeters, van Derma Elen, Desmet-Matthijs, Slaets, IGO and Daniel van Ceulebroeck and many others. For over 25 years he was the editor of the famous Louis "de Duivensport Belgian". He is single and engaged in his career and was always in the top positions. At this time, many pigeons passed through his hands. This is a fairy tale, which is remembered today by lovers of pigeons.

In his career, he was never a man who himself rested on his laurels. His tutor in the field of pigeon sports was Stan Raeymakers. These were also pigeons from this gold mine, which laid the first stone in the active Brieftaubenkariere Louis Vangramberen and Georges Vanroosendae. The main pigeons were "Chanel" and "José". At this time, was the 1st national Bourges, 1 was won by Gouden Vleugel Barcelona and only 48 first prizes from 100 to 1000 km, only in 1995.

Moving to Wallonia in 2006.
The Vangramberen family has found a suitable plot of land on which there should be enough space for a new house and a nursery for playing in Wallonia.

Despite more than 60 years of age, Louis and his wife, Jose, chose this important step to move forward. On that plot of land was the house of Karen's daughter and Frank's son-in-law. Since then, the new house is located in Pietrain / Jodoigne, near the town of Liège. A new breed of pigeons was formed right here in a rural calm that caused a sensation all over the world.

Methodology and entrepreneurial spirit.
There were only a few people like him, then pigeon sports would become more progressive today. Louis Vangramberen never rested, he always continued to robotize. Here was the "Pietrain Dove" in a new place. In Germany, these pigeons, as "Tiger Pinto", are known. The name "Pietrain" comes from "Pietrain pigs", as evidenced by the black and white coloring of their feathers.

Louis was breeding purely white sports pigeons at the time, but he decided to experiment to try something new. They began to get black pigments in the plumage, which pigeons from Alfons Slaets resorted to (line: "Zwarte Panther" Raoul and Xavier Verstraete). From their German friend Kurt Pretzne, the pigeons of Louis Vangramberen from the lines of "De Zwarte Eijerkamp" and "Black Label Gold Rush" came out. These were world class pigeons! These pigeons were mostly crossed with the white pigeons "Witte Koning Alber" and "Witte Louis" (hero pigeon in DBA 2007). With these pairings, the new Pietrain Dove was born. Began a new success story.

Color, of course, says nothing about quality. Now there are reports of the success of enthusiastic breeders from many countries, the second place on the FCI flight to Hungary is secondary.

The sensation of the message of the Polish breeder Robert Henkel, who decided to check out "Tiger" in Barcelona and marked him as the first pigeon in Poland in 2011 in Barcelona.

Currently Louis has achieved success posts from Poland. Breeder Zbignieuw Boguski from Szcytno (Mazury District) wins on June 8, 2013 against 2680 pigeons (520 km) with the first release of pigeons.
Tiger Pinto is very good when the local mayor of Waldemar Trochhimiuk flies.

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