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Scherens Vangramberen

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I race pigeons since 2012 with 2 years break between 2018 and 2019.

Starting was very hard, i didn't have clue how to race pigeons and nothing about keeping them in good health and feeding system. Didn't have much look buying new pigeons either.

First years i was happy just to get pigeons back home, young birds were always hard, loosing over 80% birds, very first race point Tramore 112 miles which is over 180km, was tough and I almost gave up. Then took some advice from my friends who also race, Slawek from Carlow and Daryl from Drogheda. They helped me get my motivation back. So I changed almost everything, my Loft, pigeons, feeding system i learned how to keep them healthy, I cut numbers down and decided to stop racing young birds as its just too hard, if the pigeons are good they're good and they will race starting from yearlings. 

After changing my routine with them and getting them in form, first year back I was topping the club every week in first  10, didn't loose as much, then came the channels they were even better I was getting most of my birds home with very few lost and taking top position in the club. 

I Sent 4 to Sennen Cove Yearling National in 2017, clocked 2 birds same day over 4000 in race only 200 reported on day. Bird Hercules became 3x1 prize winner, 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st South Section, 29th National.

I started winning taking  top positions in my club. Super returns on channels, finally i get to the place where i wanted to be and start to enjoy Pigeon racing again.

Base of bloodlines of my pigeons are:

Karel Schellens, Jan Grondelaers, Jos Soontjens, De Rauw-Sablon, Scherens Vangramberen, 

New Stock for 2021

Grandson and Granddaughter - De Jan 

PL 0309 20 2277, PL 0309 20 2276

IHU 17 S 026010

Jan Grondelaers - Hen

3 x prize winner

2 x 1st

1 x 2th

Race by Sławomir Wołoszyn in Carlow from North (Larney, Coalisland) Also best flying bird winner by the avrage

Jos Thone - Cock

White Emperor Family

Ras: Grondelaers, Schellens, Soontjens
Full brother to Hercules 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st South Section, 29th Sennen Cove Yearling National 2017


DV14-028871384 / cheq/Schellens

Oryg. Hans Hirn (De Nationale 1 Karel Schellens, Kleine Dirk Koopman,)
Father of Hercules winner 2017 Sennen Cove Yearlin National: 1st Club, 1st Fed ECF, 1 South Section against 1627, 29th National against 4264 pigeons


PL14-11986 / cheq/Soontjens, Grondelaers
Grand Daughter of DEN 155 (BELG 91 6371155), Super racer and breeder, Awarded Golden Medal in Olimpia, 1st National ACE `95, 1st National ACE 94, 11x1st.
Grand Daughter (BELG 90 5335977) De National 1st ACE org. Pros Roosen 

PL 0287 8801 2016 - cock


(FATHER IHU17S 062795 - 2x Prize winner race only 2 times)

Best Lines of The Rauw-Sablon from father side: Lucky 848, Den Dromer, Miss Dreamcorner, from Mother side: Freddy, Dream pair Albert&Paola, Limoges

Heremans Ceusters

GB16A 49467

Gift bird that Richard Lambe got from Kieran Garman in England he is down from a pigeon called Chester (Hereman Cuester) crossed with a Wal Zoontjen pigeon, his brothers & sisters are multiple Wolverhampton Fed winners. 

Simply the best

Soontjens x Schellens x Grondelaers - Hercules

1st Club, 1st East Coast Fed, 1st South Section, 29th Sennen Cove Yearling National in 2017